SINGLE REVIEW: Olivia Holt – Do You Miss Me

Break-ups never seem to make sense. Someone always moves on first and leaves the other person questioning the legitimacy of the relationship they shared. As someone who has been left in that situation multiple times, I can confirm that it never gets easier. You find yourself watching their new life through the lens of social media and question if they still think about you, how they knew they could move on, and if they miss you in any capacity. It’s a natural headspace to fall into when you’re grieving the end of a relationship, and Olivia Holt has your new anthem to soundtrack you through that moment. 

‘Do You Miss Me’ is a brooding pop moment that transports you into a darker sonic compared to the recent tropical bop ‘talk me out of it’. It compliments the emotional unravelling that she guides you through, and while the moody sound is quite simple there is a rhythmic beat intertwined for good measure. It’s a matured pop sound that really suits her tone, and hopefully is something she will explore more in this new chapter of music. 

Getting deep and honest, the Amy Allen co-write with Eric Leva, Louis Schoolrl and Marco Borreno hears them unravelling the emotions that so many of us can relate to in a time of heartbreak. Addressing all the questions that you want to ask your ex while watching them move on, it will hit you heavy in the heart. “I wanna ask you if it’s easy sleeping in that bed? I wanna ask you how you’re feeling next to her instead? I wanna know if you felt closure, somewhere deep inside your head? I wanna ask you, do you miss me?” she sings during the hook. 

From the first listen she immediately draws you in with the dark and brooding undertones that are contrasted with a glimmer of pop polish. It’s a very relatable moment, that will undeniably resonate with listeners as we head into Pisces season.