SINGLE REVIEW: Nessa Barrett feat. jxdn – la di die

Nessa Barrett and jxdn are perfect representations of the new-wave of artists that are going to start popping up on our radars over the next year. After building a massive social media following on TikTok, both of these artists have trailblazed their way onto streaming platforms with huge numbers  being recorded for both of their introductory singles. 

‘la di die’ hears them coming together for a punk-rock influenced pop track co-produced by Blink 182’s Travis Barker. Sonically it’s the most left-field we’ve heard Nessa Barrett so far, but it honestly sounds more like a jxdn song than hers. Sonically the rock and hip-hop interpolated sound is very classic jxdn, and is something he’s honed into his artistry straight away. Whereas Barrett experimented with a dark and brooding Billie Eilish influenced sound on ‘if u love me’, but this is even a big jump from that. 

However it still works well, and they’ve created an angsty and energetic moment that waves the flag for a new emo movement in music to occur. Reflecting on the reality of fame, they explore the glamourised perception people have of social media stars and musicians alike, while also wanting to chase that dream and make it a reality. “La-dah-dee, oh, la-dee-dah, gonna be a superstar. Be the girl you used to know, playing on the radio” she sings during the catchy hook. 

The song is a future smash hit for Nessa Barrett and will be a global breakthrough moment as she finds her footing in who she wants to be as an artist.