SINGLE REVIEW: Conan Gray – Overdrive

Last year Conan Gray boldly delivered his debut album ‘Kid Krow’ and had us immediately falling in love with his vulnerable explorations through tracks like ‘Heather’ and then dancing through anthems likes ‘Maniac’. With his world tour being put on hold because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Californian singer-songwriter has been working on new music as he heads towards his sophomore record. 

Kickstarting this next chapter with ‘Overdrive’, he returns to the pulsating sonic of ‘Maniac’ and ‘Wish You Were Sober’ to give you a moment of escapism. Penned as a track that implores joy and forgetting any inhibitions you may have, it really succeeds in delivering that carefree attitude. Beginning with a distortion of synths and a pulsating beat, he immediately transports you to the middle of a catwalk that will see you strutting your way up and down euphorically. 

Capturing the importance of living in the moment, he reflects on experiencing love without any worries about what will happen next, which is something so many people (myself included) get caught up in. “Only met on the weekend. Said I’m not catching feelings, oh I guess I lied” he sings during the songs opening moments before later adding “All or nothing, let’s just trust the night”. 

‘Overdrive’ is ultimately just a really fun song. It’s one that doesn’t try to be anything its not, and just gives you pure euphoria within its three minute duration.