UPSAHL is another great success story inflicted from TikTok with the viral nature of her tracks ‘Drugs’ and ‘People I Don’t Like’ that have really put her on the map as a newcomer you NEED to get acquainted with. Last year her EP ‘Young Life Crisis’ highlighted her strength as a songwriter with an embodiment of emotions and reflective stories that immediately resonated with hundreds of thousands of people who felt the same way. Contrasted with experimentally charged and pulsatingly addictive production, she delivered big pop moments that if you haven’t heard then you really need to discover. 

‘STOP!’ is the singer-songwriter’s first single of 2021 and signals a huge year of relatable pop bangers to come. Slightly stepping away from her pessimistic influenced repertoire, this track embraces the overwhelming feeling of falling for someone where you heart feels like it might just stop every time they walk in the room or even just message you. “Oh it feels like, my hearts gonna beat so fast, gonna beat so fast, gonna beat so fast that it might stop” she sings during the addictive hook that interpolates an experimental use of distortion. 

We’ve all been there, and it is such a dramatic feeling that feels so hyper-ridiculous and unnecessary at the time, but that’s the joy of love. She expresses that sense of drama in a big and experimental way through this brooding, dark and pulsating production. It transports you to an underground club full of broken hearts trying to acknowledge that love is happening again to them, and it’s so addictive. 

‘STOP!’ certifies that UPSAHL is truly one to watch right now.