New Zealand production duo SACHI have returned with a MONSTER of a track that is co-written and featuring Australian pop favourite G FLIP. Continuing on from their dark, brooding, bold and pulsating debut EP ‘Nights With Ruby’ in 2019, they’ve been evolving their sound with a lighter sound highlighted in recent single ‘You (A la)’. 

‘Take Me Back’ is an energetic fusion of the two established sounds that integrates the experimental lightness during the verses with the dark and pulsating hook that creates a very hypnotic and captivating moment. It sounds like something taken straight out of the early 2010’s that would make David Guetta and Calvin Harris jealous, and has you feeling nostalgic while listening to it. 

Reminiscing on pre-COVID life, this song captures that restless essence that we’ve all experienced while waiting for life to resume to a normal pace. Questioning if life will ever go back to being as colourful as it was, G FLIP questions if life before was all but a dream. “Take me back to the feeling. I won’t last cause I need it. Danced all night or was I dreaming? Take me back, take me back” she sings. 

After a first listen, you will find yourself immediately pressing replay and ready to transport yourself to a dance floor to feel every baseline move through you. A SMASH!