SINGLE REVIEW: Ruel – too many feelings

On the back of the release of his EP ‘Bright Lights, Red Eyes’, Ruel has kicked off 2021 with the laid-back ‘too many feelings’. Signalling the continuation of his exploration as an artist, this mature and reflective song melodically sits in the same realm as his previous EP. Beginning with a stripped back keyboard delivery along with his smooth vocals, he adds a RNB infused pop backbeat that builds momentum and grows throughout the duration. 

Reflecting on the pattern of overthinking and oversharing, this track explores wanting to let someone in emotionally but doing it with too much force that it inevitably scares them away. It’s something that a lot of people struggle with because all we want is to be transparent and real, but it ends up getting us into more trouble and hurt. Like, hello… I’m a Pisces, I get it. 

“I let out too many feelings, shit I should’ve kept in. Probably should’ve left them all unsaid. Didn’t wanna scare you, just wanted to be near you. Wanted you to hear what’s in my head” he sings during the opening moments of the song.

It’s a very vulnerable, honest and relatable song, that perfectly ties in with the storyline of oversharing and overthinking. It’s smooth, melodic and charming, which is the best way to describe every single release from Ruel’s back catalogue to date.