SINGLE REVIEW: Ninajirachi & Kota Banks – Secretive!

Ninajirachi and Kota Banks are a dream duo for all the right reasons. Their collaborative EP ‘True North’ was an experimental and explorative journey of their artistries that steered them in a darker and melancholic direction. With the birth of a deluxe edition on the horizon, they’ve decided to open pandoras box and let their most playful track yet step into the spotlight for an end of summer dance.

‘Secretive!’ is the pure embodiment of chaotic fun. Channeling the playful energy of Kota Banks’ early releases ‘I’m It’, and ‘Child’, the song sits in a similar territory. Immediately opening with bright synths and polished pop production they lead into the pulsating drop of the hook that will transport you to a dance floor in a crowded pre-COVID nightclub. It has a late 90’s and early 2000’s tinged influence that echoes through Banks’ melodies and will have you falling into a nostalgic wormhole. 

The playful track explores the idea of keeping a relationship or fling a secret, not for any particular reason, but to just let you and that person keep that intimacy feeling special. “It’s our little secret, kinda hard to keep it. It’s not that we’re not proud of it, No, I just have our reasons” Banks sings during the hypnotic hook. 

This punchy and unforgettable pop moment is one that you will want to have on replay all night long as you imagine yourself on a sweaty and packed dancefloor. The only negative thing about this track is that it only sits at a 2:22 minute duration. You get drawn in by the bouncy production that you ultimately not want it to end, but what that means is that when it finishes you’ll just hit replay as you’ll want to feel the pulsating beats run through you again and again.