SINGLE REVIEW: Hauskey – Go Wrong

As we near the end of summer in Australia, the afternoons in the sun drinking your alcoholic beverage of choice are starting to be brought inside, and the pensive reflections you used to have in the sun-rays are turning to darkness. To soundtrack that transition period, Hauskey’s new single ‘Go Wrong’ is the perfect reflective moment that incorporates a breezy pop production. 

Reflecting on the natural pessimism that is embedded in his personality, he notes how there are so many amazing things happening in his life but still being unable to completely enjoy it because of his tendency to expect the worst in everything. It’s something that a lot of us can relate to, with the idea of living in the moment being an unreachable concept because of our own self-doubt that we can’t just enjoy things as they happen. “I wanna as bright like summer at noon. But I’m so used to being down that I don’t trust good news” he sings during the first verse before later adding; “If I’m ever on a high I feel dizzy cause I, I get suspicious if I get my wishes. If I’m doing great, then something must be wrong”. 

Complimenting that summer-at-noon vibe, the production takes a chilled out and soothing direction with a groovy pop interpolation that gives it a positive meets pessimistic contrast. Continuing his sonically exploration behind songs like ‘Slow’ and ‘Not Good’, he cohesively adds to his growing repertoire and delivers one of his catchiest and most commercial inclined tracks yet. 

Hauskey Australian Tour Dates

Saturday 3 April – The Lansdowne, Sydney

Friday 9 April – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

Saturday 10 April – The Workers Club, Melbourne