SINGLE REVIEW: Rebecca Black feat. Dorian Electra, Big Freedia & 30H!3 – Friday (Remix)

It’s been 10 years since Rebecca Black broke the internet with her viral smash hit ‘Friday’. It’s a song that has probably never left your head, and has permanently snuck into your mind every 7am on a Friday morning. But while the track broke records and infiltrated its way into pop culture, it also became the leading joke of 2011 which is something no thirteen year old should ever endure. But 10 years later, the Californian singer-songwriter is having the last laugh with 10 years in the spotlight with a successful YouTube channel and music career behind her.

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the breakthrough hit, she’s teamed up with Dorian Electra, Big Freedia, and 30H!3 for a hyper-pop remix that brings the song into a 2021 soundscape. Produced by 100 Gecs, this remix is ultimately chaotic in the most brilliant way possible. It feels like you’ve taken a whole lot of acid and transported into this early 2000’s meets futuristic world of pulsating pop beats where your heart is racing and everything is rushing past in a colourful blur. And honestly, that’s a big compliment because I wish I could feel that sort of high everyday, and well, now I can with this song. 

Each artist brings a new original take with a fresh verse that adds a new perspective to the track. 3OH!3’s is one that stands out a little clearer than the rest with its smart hook writing. “It’s ten years later, now it’s 3OH!3 on Friday. I’m sick of living through these Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays. But then Thursday comes along and we are singing ‘Friday, here comes fucking Friday’” they sing. But both Big Freedia and Dorian Electra also impress with their original star power that blesses this remix.

With how chaotically different it is to the original clean-pop version, it does take a few listens to completely appreciate. It’s heavily influenced by the classic production stylings of SOPHIE and 100 Gecs, which is exciting to hear as it really gives it a completely new vision which will have people embracing it all over again.