SINGLE REVIEW: Daya – Bad Girl

Daya is an artist who is no stranger to delivering straight-up bangers. Her discography is pretty much exclusively compiled of them with tracks like ‘Sit Still, Look Pretty’, ‘New’, ’Hide Away’, and her Grammy award winning collaboration with The Chainsmokers ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ highlighting that strong creative presence. As she heads into 2021, the talented singer-songwriter is gearing up for the release of her forthcoming EP which continues her journey of self-exploration. 

Lead single ‘Bad Girl’ is a bold, dark and pulsating track that brings you in with its playful production, but behind the synths is a multi-layered story of self-acceptance. Exploring her bisexuality, she confidently proclaims that she knows what she wants which is charged throughout the song with its pulsating production. But then she layers that story with a reflection of what the phrase “bad girl” means as it’s always been referred to as someone who is a “lost cause” or “trouble”. Instead she channels an empowering outlook that refers to being a “bad girl” as someone who is confident and asserts themselves boldly into the world. “Nothing you could do or say is right, I already know just what I like. Bad girl, need a bad girl, need a bad girl, cause the bad boys just don’t cut it” she sings during the hypnotic hook. 

Contrasting the empowering sentiment with a dark and pulsating production by Charlie Puth and Andrew Goldstein, there is an immediate playfulness that shines through this track. Continually growing on you with each listen, it will inevitably get stuck in your head with its catchy hook that will have you wanting to strut across the dance floor to it.