SINGLE REVIEW: Martin Garrix feat. Tove Lo – Pressure

Martin Garrix is no stranger to dropping immediate bangers that climb the charts and dominate radio stations globally. But for his new single ‘Pressure’ with Tove Lo, he’s taken a different direction and delivered something that ignites a fire that burns through a few listens before leaving its inevitable mark.

The deep-house inspired track is a fresh sound for the Dutch producer that hears him tapping into a dark and brooding soundscape. It’s a sound that Tove Lo has experimented with herself on her records ‘Blue Lips’ and ‘Sunshine Kitty’, and it seems like her influences have rubbed off onto him. With a thudding 808 beat enticing you in, he layers distortion and dark synths to create an aesthetic which is simultaneously moody and seductive. 

Bringing some moody lyrics to the table, Tove Lo delivers a storyline that is all about destructive passion and lack of self control. It explores the toxicity that lures you in and makes you feel crazy when it continues to linger. “I don’t, I don’t know what to do. Tension just feels so thick in the room” she sings during the bridge. 

It’s a song that needs multiple listens for it to grow on you as it’s not as pop accessible as his other big singles, but once it hits you, then it’s stuck in your head. It’s a different sound and vision for Martin Garrix, but it’s an experimentation that is fresh and exciting to hear.