SINGLE REVIEW: WENS feat. Adam Melchor – Internet Stalking

WENS really knows how to hit us in the feelings. Following the intimately penned ‘love blind’ last year, the bedroom-pop singer-songwriter has backed it up with another VERY relatable track that feels like a punch directly to your heart. 

‘Internet Stalking’ featuring label mate Adam Melchor hears the two singer-songwriter’s unravelling the truths of a break-up in the 21st century with social media giving an immediate (and curated) insight to everyone’s lives. Watching your ex through the screen of your phone, the classic Instagram and Facebook stalk has become almost a right of passage through heartbreak. You keep tabs to see if they are really “okay”, and deep down hope they slip up and post something that fulfils your heart to see them struggling without you. But it’s social media…. it’s a fictitious place that is heavily curated into the “perfect” light, so they never do slip up. 

The lyrics are very vivid, and emotionally charged as they get really candid and aren’t afraid to say what everyone’s thinking in those moments. “I wanna watch you while you’re tryna get over me. Maybe that’s a little mean? Maybe I’m a little mean? But I wanna watch you while you’re on the internet stalking me. So what if it’s a fantasy? Maybe that’s what I need” WENS honestly sings during the chorus. And there’s even more truth bombs throughout the track that will hit you good like; “Cause it’s been a long few days and a hell of a ride, and I’m sick of being stuck in my mind. Cause when you say you’re fine, I hope you’re lying”. 

The production is light and dreamy, as they paint this imagery of romanticised stalking. With soft piano and a simple guitar riff guiding the song, they add-in strings that steers the song into cinematic territory. Their voices intertwine so gracefully with a strong light and shade highlighting their unique and combined strengths, making ‘Internet Stalking’ a very beautiful moment of introspection.