SINGLE REVIEW: Sam Fischer feat. Demi Lovato – What Other People Say

Sam Fischer had one of the biggest (and natural) viral hits of 2020 with the ‘This City’ which had a well deserved resurgence after being officially released two years prior. Giving listeners some different collaborative interpretations, he teamed up with the likes of Anne Marie, Kane Brown, Nea, Nico Santos and Camilo for some remixes. The talented singer-songwriter then went onto releasing his EP ‘Homework’ which further showcased his strength in delivering raw emotional moments. 

Kickstarting 2020 with a BANG, he’s collaborated with Demi Lovato for a soulfully charged BIG pop moment. ‘What Other People Say’ is a cinematically penned ballad that dramatically builds and soars. With piano, guitar and string foundations, this song allows their vocals and storytelling to take charge. It’s a song that feels like it could’ve been taken off Lovato’s 2017 record ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ because of its soulful and emotional grounding that naturally feels so empowering. The way they’ve split the vocals, this feels like an actual duet and not just a “guest verse” collaboration. It organically feels equally balanced and could be either or of their song because of what they both individually bring is so captivating. 

Reflecting on the pressures that society puts on us to be someone, or fit into a particular mould, they explore losing themselves to play into that narrative that so many of us get lost in. “I used to call my mom every Sunday, so she knew her love wasn’t far away. But now I’m all fucked up out in LA, cause I care more about what other people say” they sing during the chorus. 

‘What Other People Say’ has cemented Sam Fischer as someone who isn’t just a one-viral-hit wonder. This song is HUGE in every angle, and hears him belting it out bar-to-bar with one of the industry’s biggest powerhouse vocalists which is IMPRESSIVE.