SINGLE REVIEW: George Rose – Searching (Demo)

There’s nothing more intimate and vulnerable than listening to an artist’s demos as it’s the rawest version of a song. It holds onto all those little flaws that they usually polish up in mix and mastering, and usually the idea of having a polished song is seen as the most elite. But because of those little flaws the demo also holds onto the raw emotion that can’t be recreated through multiple takes, and sometimes that magic is too good to give away. British singer, songwriter and producer George Rose has opted to unveil a deeper vulnerability through releasing a series of demos that will have you immediately drawn into the moment with him.

‘Searching’ is a candid moment into how being alone both mentally and physically can affect a person. It’s something that everyone can relate to with the current global pandemic reaching the year mark, and our lifestyles drastically changing. But there is a deeper exploration of general mental health which is highlighted by the temporary highs he chases and the actions he makes. 

From sleeping around, to masturbating to pictures of his ex, drinking too much, laying in bed all the time, smoking and eating fast food, he gives a slightly playful but honest outlook. But he also emotionally confesses that he needs to find a friend that he can really be himself around, and focus on finding happiness that doesn’t feel forced. Vulnerably singing “I’m searching for a piece of meaning” in the chorus, there is a euphoric layer integrated by the bright and bold production. 

Pushing his limits as a producer, this track is expansive and takes on a evolution of experimentation. From the opening moments of the acapella arrangement, he is in his rawest form before adding some vocal distortion to help build the song along with the sonic. The atmospheric production adds in pulsating drums, explosive breakdowns, and synth distortion which creates this big live show ready anthem that you’ll just want to scream along to. 

‘Searching’ is a fusion of bold production and vulnerable storytelling that pushes the boundaries of what George Rose has done in the past and hears him taking one shot at something instead of intricately playing with the production over and over again. He’s created a soundscape that compliments his lyrics and given it directly to listeners as an anthem for the current time.