SINGLE REVIEW: Tkay Maidza feat. Yung Baby Tate – KIM

Tkay Maidza was absolutely robbed from the Triple J Hottest 100 last month, but she’s not letting that faze her by dropping a new song that is going to leave you absolutely shook to the core. ‘KIM’ is the next step in the redefinition of her career. Moving away from the electronic pop infused sound that her debut album ‘TKAY’ offered, the Adelaide based rapper, singer, and songwriter has dived deeper into what she wants her messaging and sound to be. The ‘Last Year Was Weird’ vol 1 and vol 2 EP’s explored a stripped back approach to her hip-hop roots and it was a very exciting and bold move for her to make. 

‘KIM’ is a continuation of that experimentation with heavy hip-hop foundations interpolated with trap beats and grimy synths. It’s a BIG sound, and luckily it’s a BIG song that fills it out perfectly. At only 2 and a half minutes long you are left wanting more, and that’s exactly what you want from a song like this because then you’ll find yourself pressing replay and falling into a slightly obsessed rabbit hole. The energy is at an all time high, and she doesn’t let you breathe because she just keeps bringing it at every second. And Yung Baby Tate manages to keep up alongside her, and helps elevate the empowering and confident sentiment of the track.  

Inspired by Kim Possible who Tkay describes as an icon of her childhood (any 90’s and early 2000’s kids will also back her up), she channels the bad ass attitude of the cartoon character and brings her to life. “Bitch I’m, bitch I’m Kim, bitch I’m, bitch I’m Kim” she exclaims in the hook. And in typical Tkay fashion there are some sassy and ridiculously great lyrics that play on puns and social media culture. “Anything’s possible, go ask your mans. I saw him naked and ghosted him since” she raps in the opening moments of the first verse. 

Produced by recent collaborator Dan Farber who has worked on the last two EP’s with her, this song cements that they really are a dream team. The magic they create together is out of this world, and ‘KIM’ is a future classic in Tkay’s repertoire.