SINGLE REVIEW: Vetta Borne – Kissing Strangers

One thing that is really magical about pop music is the direct contrast of emotions and production that can unravel so many unexpected layers in the one song. Vetta Borne’s new single ‘Kissing Strangers’ is a perfect example of this experimental approach to songwriting and production with her hiding a story of heartbreak within a really shiny sonical soundscape. 

Immediately drawing comparisons to Robyn, and Carly Rae Jepsen, this song steers Vetta Borne into a glitter soaked light, compared to the neo-soul and RNB inspired previous singles ‘Beyonce’, ‘Girls’ and ‘R.I.P’. It’s a sound that we were a little more acquainted with on her FKA project Maribelle with the songs ‘I’m A Mess Without You’ and ‘Down For You’ which is an exciting and welcomed re-exploration. However, there is a mature growth highlighted in the production and storytelling that showcases a more confident artist. The disco injected pop sound has this natural groove to it that is elevated by the bass and guitar riff, as well as the big drum intro into the hook. The song sounds super playful and carefree, but when you strip away the production there is a heartbreak story that unfolds.

Reflecting on deciding to suddenly end a relationship, she mourns harder than expected because she realises that even though she did love her that she needed to let go to be able to personally grow. “Is she okay? Cause I know that I hurt her, and I know that I caused her pain. I swear I really loved her, but I had to let go” she honestly sings. But then she questions the other persons coping mechanisms after hearing that they are going out and kissing other people in the wake of the break up which plays on her thought process. “Was she okay? Cause she’s been kissing strangers. I wish I could take her place. I swear I really loved her, but I had to let go”. 

‘Kissing Strangers’ is a big pop moment for Vetta Borne which shows another side to this project which is sonically playful, while also still offering a moment of retrospection.