There’s a new emerging pop singer-songwriter on the block, and she’s ready to wow you with her hypnotic debut single. LEX isn’t messing around with ‘C’est La Vie’, and she immediately finds her place as “one to watch” in 2021 through its pulsating duration. 

Shrouded in dark, brooding, and pulsating production, this track quickly draws inspiration from the likes of CXLOE, Banks, Billie Eilish and FLETCHER with her sonical vision. Creating this intriguingly dark sound that perfectly contrasts light and shade moments, she manages to still give you a strong polished pop direction even through the darker sounds. With the song produced by Cyrus, we shouldn’t have really expected anything less because his experimental flair has always managed to compliment the pop world so well, and this is another incredible example of that. 

Exploring a feeling of angst that was caused by being forced to suppress her emotions and afflictions, she learns to finally let go. This is almost a celebration of release as she takes control of her narrative and her feelings. “It’s all that I have known, so how can I let go when my soul’s bitter” she sings before proclaiming in the chorus, “Mama she don’t know me. Oh mama says c’est la vie”.

LEX is a name that you will inevitably be hearing a lot of, and ‘C’est La Vie’ cements the trajectory that she’s going to have through a powerhouse production and brooding soundscape which immediately draws you in and holds you hostage. It’s an impressive introduction that is truly only the beginning.