SINGLE REVIEW: Joshua Bassett – Only A Matter Of Time

With his debut self-titled EP slated for a February 26 release, Joshua Bassett is ready to show the world the artist behind the actor you’ve gotten to know through High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. 

Lead single ‘Lie Lie Lie’ delivered a guitar led and Latin infused pop sound that felt reminiscent of early Justin Timberlake and recent Ed Sheeran. But now for the vulnerable follow up single, ‘Only A Matter Of Time’, he’s stripped it back to a vocal driven pop sound that feels directly inspired by Harry Styles. Taking to the piano for this soundscape, his falsetto, smooth vocal runs, and perfectly orchestrated harmonies layer a dreamy element to his emotional reflection. It’s super simple and no where as bold as the lead single, but that’s honestly what this song needed to be. It’s a track that thrives off the intimacy, and is one that needed the softness to really highlight the emotion. 

Exploring the darkness that social media brought to his life last year, he reflects on how someone’s lies can be so easily spread and what effect that can have on you personally as you watch it all unravel while in a state of heartbreak. “But it’s only a matter of time. An eye for an eye, you’ll go blind, and when did you stop being kind? You twisted your words like a knife. Well, I’m sure that you’re hurting inside, but why would you makе your pain mine?” he sings during the chorus. 

‘Only A Matter Of Time’ is a track that shows a different side to Joshua Bassett as this is the first piano led track in his discography, and assists in introducing his artistic exploration to listeners authentically.