SINGLE REVIEW: Mothica – Forever Fifteen

‘Forever Fifteen’ isn’t going to be a song for everyone, but it’s going to be a very important song for the people that need it. Mothica has always strived herself on writing honest and vulnerable songs that detail the inner most darkest thoughts circulating her head. Her debut album ‘Blue Hour’ was a perfect showcase of that vision with a collection of conversational and intimate tracks that introduced her to an international world of fans who were struggling with the same thoughts she was experiencing, or could empathise with a time in their life that they too could relate with her. 

‘Forever Fifteen’ begins the next chapter in her musical journey ahead of her forthcoming EP, and it’s by far her most vulnerable track yet. Reflecting on the ten year anniversary of her attempt of suicide, this song is heavy. It’s one that you do need to be emotionally prepared for because it may trigger some people. But what it aims to do (and successfully does) is put a spotlight on these feelings and assure other people that they are not alone with their thoughts. 

Realising that if she was successful in her attempt that she would be forever fifteen, she uses that sentiment to tell this story of the self destructiveness she had. “When they say that it’s not that bad. ‘You’re too young to be this sad’. Makes you wanna do something that you can’t take back, and be forever fifteen, would you have missed me at all?” she sings. 

The guitar heavy production is quite a shift in the keys and synth-led production of her previous material, and hints towards the bigger sound she’s wanting to create within this next project. While the production is sonically bigger, she doesn’t lose the intimacy that is created through the honest storytelling and vulnerable vocal delivery. 

‘Forever Fifteen’ is a very special lyrical moment for Mothica. It’s one that will inspire so many other people to share their story, and will hopefully help other people who feel like they are feeling lost to not feel so alone in their thoughts. 

NOTE: If you’re in Australia and need to speak to someone, Lifeline is available on 13 11 14. And for international readers, a list of individual country services is available HERE