I never expected to hear “good morning, good morning, the world is crumbling again and again” sung in a big pop song, but I’m so glad GG MCG thought of it because you’ll legitimately struggle to get that refrain out of your head. 

‘Good Morning’ is only the newcomers second release after her impressive debut single ‘Boom’, but you can already immediately hear a strong and concise vision coming together within her sonical exploration. However the visual artist is no stranger to the music industry as she is the creative director for some of Australia’s biggest acts like Tones And I, Tash Sultana, and The Rubens, as well as worked with rising stars Eilish Gilligan and Cry Club. So with all this industry innovativeness behind her it should really come at no surprise how impressive the cohesive vision for this track is. 

Reflecting on the tumultuous year that was 2020 which saw the Australian Bushfires and COVID really creating a huge shift in the way we live our lives, this song highlights how it felt like the world was falling apart and ending everyday that we woke up. And to be honest, it still feels like that some days. “Is this the biggest mess I’ll ever witness? Is this the saddest thing I’ll ever see? And it feels like a disaster, but it feels like it’s just me” she sings. 

Contrasting that exploration of dark and apocalyptic emotions with a bright and colourful sonical kaleidoscope, she creates a very bold production that is a third musical theatre, a third 90’s meets 2000’s pop, and a third Lorde inspired harmonies. It’s a collision of different inspirations that shouldn’t work together, but they just do, and really well too. 

‘Good Morning’ embodies the feelings that we all felt throughout 2020, and still feel as we head into 2021 with daily news of border closures, countries struggling, and Australian summer fires burning. It’s a universal anthem that is timely, relatable and ridiculously catchy, so prepare to keep singing that hook in your head (our out loud if you wish).