LIVE REVIEW: Boo Seeka – Felons Barrel Hall

Boo Seeka have been eagerly awaiting their invitation to get back onstage and perform for their fans again. Having released the anthemic tracks ‘Take A Look’, ‘Days Get Better’ and ‘Never Enough’ during the chaotic year that was 2020, these songs never really got to be celebrated the way they deserved by being danced and sung along to. That is until now. 

Back on the road for an intimate run of shows, the Sydney duo had a SOLD OUT date with Brisbane at the Felons Barrel Hall on Hottest 100 Eve. With lockdown restrictions lifting earlier in the day, that meant the crowd were able to dance inside the venue, which is something that felt like a foreign concept for everyone involved. Excitement levels were unsurprisingly high, and from the opening moments of ‘Oh My’ they had the crowds full attention and had the good vibes flowing. 

“Brisbane, how the fuck are we tonight?” lead singer Ben Gumbleton exclaimed while drinking out of a wine bottle before rolling into fan favourites ‘Deception Bay’, ‘Rush’, ‘Days Get Better’ and ‘Humans’. Every song was met with a vivid excitement that gave you real “this is my favourite song” energy which was quite wholesome.

Throughout the show they kept adding songs and swapping the order to match the vibe of the crowd which made the show feel even more intimate and personalised. ‘Kingdom Leader’, ‘Take A Look’, ‘Fool’, ‘Calling Out’, and ‘Moonlight Run’ followed and led into a big euphoric singalong of ‘Does This Last’ which saw people climbing onto shoulders and creating a festival moment inside the Barrel Hall. Closing the show with recent single ‘Never Enough’ they left fans with a massive smile on their face and soaking up every moment of dancing.

Their live show has a very euphoric feel to it, which is reminiscent of the way Imagine Dragons approach their live production structures. The only thing that retracted from their set was the venue’s sound which at its max wasn’t loud enough to really absorb the whole atmosphere of their sound.