SINGLE REVIEW: Silk City feat. Ellie Goulding – New Love

It’s been three years between drinks with Silk City, but now Diplo and Mark Ronson have returned with a shiny new track that will immediately transport you back to the 80’s. Teaming up with Ellie Goulding, the trio have delivered a high energy disco number that feels like something Kylie Minogue could belt out. 

‘New Love’ is a simple and romantic self-love song that hears only “I got new love, I got new love in me” guiding the repetitive but catchy hook. The substance isn’t that deep, but the radiating positive and empowering message shines through. Describing finding herself again after a relationship that drained the self-love out of herself, she is reacquainted with the confidence she was missing and proclaims it to the world. “Didn’t always like myself, didn’t always get it right. Thought I was someone else, and that’s the girl you liked” she sings during the second verse. 

The production is very disco influenced with big synths and syncopated beats driving the pulse, with some slick piano influenced moments intertwined throughout it. It doesn’t feel overthought or overproduced, and instead feels pretty natural with its disco meets house-garage foundations. 

‘New Love’ is a song that is just fun. It’s a feel good pop track with a heart warming soul and slick disco pop energy that is purely infectious.