SINGLE REVIEW: Rence – Endless

Breaking all barriers of genre, Rence has actively kept his releases experimentally charged while still holding onto the vulnerable and conversational elements of his songwriting. Last year the Los Angeles based singer-songwriter released a constant stream of singles and collaborations, and he’s kicked off 2020 with a brand new track that hints at another year of straight-fire bangers. 

‘Endless’ is a song that is for everyone. It’s about the struggles of questioning what our place in the world is, which is something most people have questioned at one point or another. Diving further into the question, he then reflects on how fame and success can affect someone and how they approach their day-to-day lives. With all these motions moving into a never-ending cycle, days begin to feel endless and the motivation and spark begins to lose its shine. 

“Always thought that I would end up like someone from a movie where they clap at the end. Cause everything had happened just according to plan” he sings during the first verse (BIG main character vibes there) before sliding into the chat ready hook; “Do you ever wonder about how come, how come you can’t figure it out. Every day, every day like we endless”. 

The production builds upon the unanimous chant hook that feels like everyone coming together to prove they aren’t alone. Beginning with atmospheric synths and guitar, he adds hand claps and big drums to give you this anthemic moment of release. It’s undeniably catchy and adds a great contrast to the lyrical content as it is making it more about how everyone feels this way and not just him.

‘Endless’ is one of Rence’s strongest tracks yet and has massive radio potential with its ridiculously catchy hook that will get further stuck in your head with every listen. It’s an anthem for everyone who feels like the daily grind is a constant struggle, and that everyday is feeling endless as they roll into each other. And with the current state of the world, I think we are all in the same boat with those feelings.