Yes, you read that correctly…PRETTYMUCH are back! After taking a release hiatus in 2020, the Californian five piece have reemerged in 2021 having recently signed to Sire Records, and they’ve got new music they eagerly want to share with you. 

Their new EP ‘Smackables’ will be unveiled in its entirety on January 29, but in the meantime they’ve dropped the infectious ‘Stars’ which will have you immediately grooving along. Intertwining pop and RNB influences, this track is a strong continuation in the sonical vision they were building across their three previously released EP’s. It has a very light and carefree element to it, which helps makes the song one you could easily listen to over and over again. 

With a mature edge shining through, you can really hear the growth they’ve had not only as a band, but also individually. Their vocals are strong, their harmonies are tight, and their experimentation with vocal production tip-toes into Post Malone territory which is bold and exciting. 

Lyrically the song lives up to the playful and bright energy of the production with a romantic storyline that hears them exclaiming “The stars abovе match your eyes. I wish you could see them”. But what really makes this song is the Wanda and Cosmo reference from The Fairly OddParents. Much respect. 

PRETTYMUCH want you to know that this is not a comeback, instead this is just the start of a new chapter. And it’s one that you will get to hear more of with ‘Smackables’ ready to jump into your airwaves next week.