SINGLE REVIEW: Alexander Biggs – I’ve Been Holding Onto You For Way Too Long

With his debut album ‘Hit Or Miss’ slated for a February 3 release, Alexander Biggs is planning a vulnerable affair of reflection for his listeners upon its release. Following the mellow soundscape of lead single ‘Low’, the Melbourne singer-songwriter has dropped another cinematically penned track for you to emotionally revel in. 

‘I’ve Been Holding Onto You For Way Too Long’ is a song that’s all about the moment of realisation when you acknowledge that someone in your life has emotionally checked out but still metaphorically holding onto them for dear life after they leave the room. Whether that be romantically, or in a friend or family situation, it’s always something thats hurts deeply and is hard to wrap your head around. “I’ve been holding onto you for way too long. I’ve been trying to give myself a shot at moving on. I’ve been keeping out of sight, just hiding in the dark. I’ve been trying to keep my mind from running circles all night long” he intimately sings during the soothing hook. 

The intricate production floats in a dreamy soundscape with it’s light atmospheric sound that gradually grows throughout the duration. Building with the layers of acoustic guitar, piano, light drums and cinematic strings, he manages to still keep it soft and intimate which also compliments the vocal delivery and lyrics. 

‘I’ve Been Holding Onto You For Way Too Long’ is a beautiful moment of reflection that compliments the tone of the previously released singles, and gives listeners an insight to the vulnerable nature that ‘Hit Or Miss’ will offer.