SINGLE REVIEW: Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler – This Is How You Fall In Love

Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler are songwriters who both have a natural gift in embodying some of the most tender revelations with the most pure heart and warmth that has you feeling not so alone in your own emotional journey. In 2019 they joined forces for a highly acclaimed collaborative EP called ‘Brent’ before releasing their own solo records in 2020. But with touring off the cards, their individual plans for the year drastically changed and time opened up for them to explore a new chapter in their collaborative project. ‘Brent ii’ will be finally released on February 5 and hears them further unravelling their emotional inner monologues. 

Lead single ‘This Is How You Fall In Love’ is a romantic shift in lyrical exploration as they describe the moments of falling in love like a slow dance that the two recite together. Exploring the intricate emotions that follow, they share just how their life and mood has changed with the other person in their life, and how genuinely better they make them feel. “I had a nightmare but now that i’m not scared. This is how you fall in love. Let go and I’ll hold you up, so pull me tight and close your eyes. oh my love, side to side” they sing during the swaying hook. 

It’s a surprisingly hopeful and positive track for the two to release when we are usually acquainted with a side of reality and emotional heaviness. So it’s a nice shift in lyrical content to hear them exploring another side of vulnerability other than just heartbreak. The production compliments this shift with an atmospheric lightness leading the way. Gradually building, the song remains in the dreamy and light state which perfectly represents the constant cloud walking feeling when you are in love. 

‘This Is How You Fall In Love’ is a vulnerable moment of romantic pop that hears both of these emotionally charged songwriters in a very pure light, and lays the foundations for a rollercoaster of emotions on their forthcoming EP.