EP REVIEW: Fickle Friends – Weird Years (Season 1)

Fickle Friends have always known how to get us dancing, and their first EP since the release of their debut album ‘You Are Someone Else’ in 2018 certifies that they haven’t lost that ability. ‘Weird Years (Season 1)’ is a punchy five track collection that hears the British four piece serving big pop hooks contrasted by retrospective lyrics. Holding onto their roots, they immediately transport you back to when you heard them for the first time and in-turn highlights their growth in refining their polished alt-pop sound. 

‘What A Time’ opens the EP with a pulsating soundscape that rapidly builds with a blur of distorted synths in the hook that compliments the living in the moment sentiment of the track. Coming out on the other side, they dive into a dream-like state on ’92’ that provides a moment of pre-emptive reflection before high energy follows. This track explores love without boundaries and complications. “My expectations you have met. I feel no limitations. With you, I do not hesitate. No, I never have a reservation” lead vocalist Nat Shiner sings.

‘Million’ inserts the playful synth-pop experimentation that you know and love, and you’ll find yourself immediately dancing to it’s infectious hook. It’s all about knowing that someone is special from the moment you meet them, and feeling that electric spark ignite. But the song that truly stands out on this EP is ‘IRL’. Keeping the energy high, the pulsating production amplifies the whole feeling of this ridiculously fun track that is all about the endless conversations of online dating and just wanting to meet someone in real life to actually see if you have chemistry. It’s super relatable, and a playful anthem for anyone that is currently single and trying to navigate dating. “Can we just speak in real life? Conversation I can follow. Conversation I can swallow” Shiner sings. 

Cinematically closing the EP with the appropriately titled ‘Finish Line’, they return to the dreamy soundscape that ’92’ was influenced by, and have a raw conversation about mental health. On here Shine admits that there are no easy solutions, but how time can really change everything. “You think there’s a shelf life to this happiness you’re working on. I wanna talk a lot about the fact I used to feel alone”. It’s a very fitting ending to the EP which leaves the listener in a state of reflection. 

‘Weird Years (Season 1)’ embodies the heart and energy of Fickle Friends that you’ve become accustomed to, but it also puts a spotlight on their continued growth. It’s a colourful kaleidoscope of sounds and vivid imagery that will have you dancing, smiling, and reflecting.