ALBUM REVIEW: Why Don’t We – The Good Times And The Bad Ones

Why Don’t We are ready to prove that they’re so much more than just a boyband, and their sophomore record ‘The Good Times And The Bad Ones’ captures their artistic growth and ambitions in a colourful and mature light. They’ve come a long way since their debut album ‘8 Letters’ which may have only been released three years ago, but in comparison it actually feels like two completely different groups as they’ve really honed their sound into a very exciting and experimental place. 

Lead single ‘Fallin’ (Adrenaline)’ opens the record with it’s ambitious and bold production that samples Kanye West’s iconic ‘Black Skinhead’ drum beat along with a pulsating guitar riff that is reminiscent of recent 5 Seconds Of Summer. Using this song as the foundation for their experimentation, they lean into an instrument heavy production and get heavier involved with the use of guitars, piano and drums. ‘Slow Down’ cements that idea by using a guitar riff from The Smashing Pumpkins track ‘1979’, which also shows a diversity in what’s inspiring them outside of the pop world. 

‘Love Song’ takes another sonical turn with a slight Post Malone inspired melody, intertwined with pulsating production and soaring high notes that makes it an immediate highlight. But one song in particular that shines through bright is the EDM crossover ‘For You’ which has “hit” written all over it. The infectious hook is elevated by the oozing dance beat that naturally falls into the production and contrasts the romantic lyrics of holding on at the end of relationship. “If we’re said and done I know I shouldn’t say that I still care, but I still care. And even when you’re moving on I hope you know that I’ll bе there, I’ll be thеre” they sing. 

Stripping back their sound, the anxiety anthem ‘Be Myself’ and the heartbreak ballad ‘Grey’ show a increased vulnerable side to their artistry, and highlights their vocal strength and smooth harmonies that originally won fans over when they started as a group. And they’ve spotlighted that even further by releasing a stripped back live performance of ‘Grey’.  

‘The Good Times And The Bad Ones’ is a versatile record that explores their growth as artists and re-introduces them to listeners as the musicians they are now. It’s a record that has truly been created with their future live shows in mind as it’s electrically charged and ready to be re-interpreted in venues worldwide.