SINGLE REVIEW: Running Touch – Juno

The art of escapism is something we’ve all embraced in one way or another over the past year thanks to the tumultuous events of 2020, and if you’re a creative it’s been something quite important to really lean into to help make sense of everything. With a huge 2021 planned with a return to the stage kickstarting on January 23 in Adelaide, and his debut album in an incoming orbit, Running Touch is ready to share his own escapism with listeners. 

His new single ‘Juno’ is an ambitious slice of experimentation, and doubles as one of his boldest and most infectious releases yet. Creating a sonic that fuses together pop, electronica and rock influences, it feels like the perfect halfway meeting point between his previous singles ‘Signs’ and ‘Meet Me’. It’s not as in-your-face as the latter release, but it’s just as prominently catchy and guard dropping. The pulsating energy it creates through the atmospheric beats and the incorporation of electric guitar is genuinely captivating, and will have you grooving along immediately. 

Creating a pure escapism, this song follows a fictional story of Sandro who is a son of crime and a young prodigal painter who flees his city and falls in with a budding thief named Juno. “The blood we all shared back back in January. The flag above with Andy underneath. You look me in the eyes, we said our peace. Like Juno, you are to me” he sings. 

Running Touch has always pushed the boundaries within his sound, image and live shows, and ‘Juno’ is yet another strong piece to that puzzle as he uncovers the multi-faced levels of who he is as an artist and creative.