SINGLE REVIEW: Kitten – Do U Still Love Me?

Over the past couple of years Kitten have continued to impress with their colourful kaleidoscope of sounds and high octane energy. The Los Angeles pop-rock trio are currently preparing the release of their highly anticipated sophomore record which is slated for release in the first quarter of 2021. Following the experimentally charged singles ‘Daddy Don’t Take My Phone’, ‘What Year Are We In’, ‘Angelina’ and ‘My House’, they’ve dropped the emotionally tinged ‘Do U Still Love Me?’ to highlight their conceptualised vision. 

Returning to the emotionally driven pop sound that was embraced on fan favourite ‘Memphis’ off their EP ‘Goodbye Honeymoon Phase’, they deliver one of their most infectious hooks yet. With the line “I’m sorry, do you still love me?” on continuous loop in your head by the end of the punchy three minute track, you will be itching to hit replay to feed the sugary addiction it creates. The bass driven production is bold and has this HAIM inspired energy driving the laid-back attitude which creates a slick contrast. 

Adding another layer of contrast, this song sounds really upbeat and quirky when in matter-of-fact it’s actually a vulnerable confession of realising you fucked up. “I kiss boys when I’m not supposed to. I start up a fight. I linger at the parties at the end of the night. But you’re so good to me, despite my imperfections” lead singer Chloe Chaidez sings as she details all of the things she’s done wrong to hurt someone she deeply cares about. Then questioning if they still love her, she lets her personality shine as she reels them back in and embraces who she is.

‘Do You Still Love Me?’ is the quirky anthem of forgiveness that you didn’t know you needed so badly, and gives you classic Kitten in the most unapologetic way possible. A TUNE!