SINGLE REVIEW: Aly & AJ – Listen!!!

Aly & AJ are keeping fans FED with a stream of new music entering the world, and are keeping us dancing to their newly developed 80’s influenced pop sound. The glittery ‘Attack Of Panic’ and ‘Joan Of Arc On The Dancefloor’ segued into the beginning of this new chapter that surrounds their forthcoming studio album slated for release later this year. Lead single ‘Slow Dancing’ was a dreamy slow dance number that was incredibly romantic, before they took a detour and dropped an explicit version of their classic hit single ‘Potential Breakup Song’. But now they are back on track with a brand new single that feels like the perfect embodiment of where they’re at sonically right now with a little nod to their past. 

‘Listen!!!’ is a song that could be found somewhere in-between ‘Insomniatic’ and ‘Sanctuary’ with it’s pop-rock leaning production that is then polished up by these 80’s inspired synths. There’s a real lift of energy driving the complete feeling of the song which represents a freeing emotion that the duo are frantically searching. And the chorus really embodies that as you’ll find yourself in a cathartic state of mind while listening to it. They also don’t sacrifice their roots while polishing up the edges by still keeping the song as a guitar led soundscape as that’s the way their music has always been. 

Exploring getting trapped within a relationship or situation, the use this song as a therapeutic release of emotions. They detail all of the feelings they have built up inside and have brushed aside for so long, and finally let them all out as they search for freedom from their emotional hold. “I tried to empathize, but you’re so dismissive. Night after night I express what I feared from the start. That your heart would never listen. I’m feeling like I’m a hostage here, it’s clear something went missing. I might be lost but I know my way out” they passionately sing. 

‘Listen!!!’ is yet another powerful embodiment of their evolution as artists, and excitingly preludes the strong collection of songs that awaits on their forthcoming record. It’s almost time!