SINGLE REVIEW: Orla Gartland – More Like You

Do you ever catch yourself just staring at someone’s Instagram page, imagining what your life would be like if you were them for a day? Or maybe you scroll through their pictures and feel an overwhelming amount of anxiety and pressure while you compare yourself to them? Of course you do, we all do it. But because we are so scared of what others think we just don’t always admit that which in-turn creates a really unhealthy stigma that there is something wrong because you’re feeling that way.

Highlighting that inner-monologue, Orla Gartland has released a stunning new song that intertwines a vulnerable conversation with a groovy and uplifting production. ‘More Like You’ is a song of comfort as it normalises the feelings we all have and verbalises that internalised conflict. “Oh I heard it from a woman on the internet. She told me to eat well and try to love myself, then maybe I won’t wish that I was someone else” she sings during the pulsating hook as she captures the self-help state we frantically get into. And she also perfectly captures the comparisons we make during the first verse; “You have this way of knowing it’ll be okay. Where’d you get that confidence from? Cause you wear it like a coat”. 

Finding a balance between the vulnerable nature of the lyrics, and the empowering self-realisation that you’re feeling this way, she has honed a production that is emotionally inclined but also anthemic. Layering a pulsating beat, guitar and synths, this song builds into a groovy emotional rollercoaster. It’s very OG Kate Nash meets HAIM, and that is a total MOOD. 

The Dublin based singer-songwriter is gearing up for the release of her debut album later this year, and ‘More Like You’ is the perfect summarisation of the intimate and captivating moments that will follow.