SINGLE REVIEW: JP Saxe feat. Maren Morris – Line By Line

Over the past two years JP Saxe has genuinely proved himself to be one of the most exciting songwriters in the pop game right now. With a fresh Grammy nomination under his belt for his collaboration with Julia Michaels, and heavy acclaim and streaming numbers on his impressive discography, 2021 is shaping up to be a year of domination for the Canadian singer-songwriter. 

With his debut album slated for release early this year, he’s dropped a brand new track with Maren Morris for you to emotionally fall in love with and unravel your soul whole heartedly to. ‘Line By Line’ is a song dedicated to the art of songwriting. Describing the difficulty of capturing a good relationship and all the intricate and important details in a three minute duration, he takes his love interest line by line and explains how one song will never be enough for what he wants to say. – Can we just do a collective aww right now? Because damn, I want someone to sing this song about me.

“Love too big for a love song. If I tried to sum it up, I know I’d get it wrong. Sometimes if it don’t sound right, I apologise, I just said it cause it rhymed. Four chords, three minutes, you never fit in it, so I just take you line by line. I’ll be writing about you for the rest of my life” Morris and him sing during the romantic hook. But the line that personally stands out on the very first listen is one from Morris’ verse; “There are things that I sing that I’ll never have the confidence to say. Like I’m still not convinced, that I won’t be too much for you someday”. 

Throughout its entirety, their harmonies continue to impress with their slick, warm and rich layers. You can’t help but feel the passion and sincerity with every line they sing, and even if you aren’t in love personally right now, you will feel it. 

‘Line By Line’ is a song that will impress you with it’s simplicity because while the production is minimalistic and stays in the slow dance lane, the heart is big, the songwriting is flawless, and the vocal delivery is mesmerising.