SINGLE REVIEW: Cat & Calmell – Dramatic

They delivered one of the standout debut singles of 2020, and now Cat & Calmell are kickstarting 2021 with an explosive follow-up track that cements them as an act you NEED to discover. 

‘Dramatic’ is an anthem for a generation of confused and passionate souls that look at the world through puzzled eyes at the people in power and their complacency with the issues at hand. It’s a feeling that’s hard to avoid at the moment as we dumbfoundedly look at how some countries lack at taking the global pandemic seriously, as well as the constant battle for equality being a main trigger point. And through this song the Sydney based duo express their determination to fight this complacency head on, and be active voices for the urge of change. 

“Cover my mouth with your hands, try and silence me. I’ll scream out as loud as I can. Shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds me, but you’re not the man, and when I stick it to you we’ll see who’s dramatic” they sing during the hypnotic hook. But it’s the lyric “I don’t think a bandaid is going to fix this” that really makes a strong impact within the heavy context of the song. 

Produced by Hauskey and mixed by Justin Hergett, they help create this anthemic energy that transcends from the powerful lyrical content. Sonically found somewhere in between Billie Eilish’s ‘Therefore I Am’ and FLETCHER’s ‘Last Laugh’, you will find the hook immediately stuck in your head, and the pulsating rhythm naturally pouring through you.

‘Dramatic’ is a track that certify’s Cat & Calmell as an act who’s success story is only just beginning. Their songwriting and artistic vision is impressively strong and articulate, and everything about this song is so addictive and hypnotic that just one play will never be enough.