SINGLE REVIEW: G Flip feat. mxmtoon – Queen

In 2020 G Flip gave us a continuous string of banger after banger, and she’s kicking off 2021 with another undeniable hit for you to stream on repeat. ‘Queen’ featuring mxmtoon hears her continuing the dreamy soundscape that her previous single ‘I’D RATHER GO TO BED’ was built around. 

There’s a minimalistic edge to the production that cohesively floats in a dreamy aesthetic, but when you breakdown the core elements there is a groovy guitar riff that drives a prominent rhythmic energy from start to finish. And then there are the harmonies with mxmtoon which are lush and adds to the dreamy aesthetic. It ultimately feels like a giant jam moment, that will hopefully have a lengthy guitar solo in her future live set as it really does beckon for it.  

Written as an anthem for all the strong women in her life that inspire her on the daily, she makes sure that they know that they are queen in their own right, and that they should be reminded of how strong, powerful and special they are. “Even when you’re smiling, even when we’re fighting, you hold your own. Nothing ever breaks you. Who the fuck made you so strong? Queen. I’m proud of my queen” she sings. 

‘Queen’ is a song that shows another side to her growing artistry, and highlights her strength in harmonies and melodic production to create something that is just as catchy and engaging in it’s own unique way as the in-your-face pop anthems ‘Hyperfine’ and ‘Killing My Time’.