SINGLE REVIEW: Zara Larsson feat. Young Thug – Talk About Love

2021 has officially begun and Zara Larsson has quickly made it apparent that she isn’t messing around. Following the success of ‘Love Me Land’ and ‘WOW’ last year, along with her fiery award show and TV performances, the Swedish pop star has quickly come out of the gate and is ready to keep the momentum rolling and the fire burning. But the question is; will her new single do that? 

‘Talk About Love’ hears her sonically heading in a slight shift of direction. The pop heavy track is reminiscent of the likes of Meghan Trainor, Little Mix and Rachel Platten with its soundscape mix of dreamy and bold aesthetics. With a RNB interpolated beat injected for rhythmic purposes, this song is catchy because of its melodic hook. It is smooth and very pop centred, which makes it confusing as to why Young Thug is then featuring on it? His verse is lost within the rest of the track and it’s underwhelming and forgettable to say the least. 

Lyrically she explores living in the moment with someone, and not allowing emotions and the pressure of “love” come in-between of something playful and natural. “I just wanna keep us right here in the moment. Why you gotta go get lost in emotion? I don’t wanna talk about love” she quips.

Sonically and structurally, this song feels like it’s been workshopped too heavily, and instead needed to be taken back to basics, and let the strong hook unleash its grip onto the listener. The song is catchy, but I just don’t think it was given enough time to really shine for what it was, and feels a bit polarising coming off the back of ‘Love Me Land’ and ‘WOW’. However with her forthcoming album ‘Poster Girl’ slated for a March 5 release, we will soon get to hear how this new vision takes fruition.