SINGLE REVIEW: London Grammar – Lose Your Head

With the forthcoming release of their third studio album ‘Californian Soil’ slated for April 9, London Grammar are stepping into a soundscape of experimentation and urge for growth. Their new single ‘Lose Your Head’ highlights that sonical shift through a very theatrical and cinematic manner that compliments the dramatic nature of the song. 

Reflecting on the power and control balance within relationships, they explore the toxicity that can grow and deeply affect you in the long term. “There’s a place I see it in your head, full of evil baby” lead vocalist Hannah Reid sings before quipping in the hypnotic hook; “You say you miss me now. What a way to lose your head”. 

Contrasting the dark and moody lyrics with a bright sonical vision, this song bursts with a hypnotic edge that intertwines within the dreamy melodies you are accustomed to from the dynamic three piece. It feels quite uplifting, which is slightly deceiving until you dig deeper. 

‘Lose Your Head’ is the strongest single from the album to-date, and will leave you excited and intrigued to hear the further evolution the band will have on this record.