2020 was a breakout year for AYA YVES who introduced herself to the world through her emotionally charged and sonically experimental musical project. With her debut EP on the horizon, the Sydney based singer-songwriter has kickstarted 2020 with a vulnerable new single that follows in the footsteps of ‘Dear E.’ which beautifully highlighted a tender side to her artistry. 

‘Brave’ is a moment of empowerment. It’s a deep breath of tranquility as she sheds away the barrier that is constantly up, and simultaneously embraces that growth only happens when you’re outside of your comfort zone. Whether that’s in relation to a new relationship, or within your own relationship with yourself, she finds that sentiment and genuinely embraces it. “I’m not running away this time. If I need to be brave, I’ll try” she honestly sings during the soothing hook. 

Sonically continuing the dreamy alt-pop aesthetic that ‘Dear E.’ stunningly outlined, it really allows the focus to be whole heartedly on the emotion and lyrics. With just keys, atmospheric synths and distortion building up the layering, it proves that sometimes you don’t need all the bells and whistles to make a memorable moment. 

‘Brave’ is yet another exploration of AYA YVES’ growing and evolving artistry. The mature track takes the minimalistic foundations and turns it into a stunning moment of personal exploration, and I couldn’t be more captivated to see what direction she will go in next.