SINGLE REVIEW: Sinclaire – Hollywood Blvd

Sinclaire are quickly making themselves known in a BIG way. The Sydney based trio only released their debut EP ‘Now I’m Ready To Start’ in 2019 and have already begun to show an impressive and exciting evolution into their artistry. Their follow up singles ‘I Needed You’, ‘Let’s Fly To Rome’, and ‘coolman’ started shifting away from their alternative roots and inserted a prominent electronic pop influence. And now they’re dropping one final single for the year and it dives even further into this pulsating exploration. 

‘Hollywood Blvd’ is the bands most experimental track yet, and at only 2 minutes long they pack in a severe production punch. Inspired by nostalgic 2000’s RNB, this song begins with this diverse beat that then rolls in this dark and brooding hook that hears them whispering “hollywood boulevard, wiping cocaine off my credit card. Hollywood boulevard, till I see my name I won’t stop”. The sound is a fusion of so many different influences, and the best way to explain it is; 3OH!3 meets Good Charlotte and Usher. But just when you think you know where this song is sonically steering towards, it suddenly drops an industrial beat breakdown in the final 20 seconds that cements their experimental foundations. And it goes HARD!

Playing as an ode to lead singer Michael Cross’ personal relationship with pop, RNB and hip-hop music, they explore how he grew up thinking that there wasn’t any substance or craft to commercial music. But since endeavouring into music himself he’s seen the light and has changed his whole perception and artistic drive. So this song is a list of all the materialistic assets of fame and being a pop star that he aspires to be in a playful manner. “I know I look so fake to you. But I want a viral song, and some Dior shoes” he sings. 

‘Hollywood Blvd’ is yet another deep dive into experimental territory for Sinclaire, and cements them as one of Australia’s most exciting and unpredictable up-and-coming acts.