ANTHEM ALERT! Madison Beer has just dropped one of her strongest and catchiest tracks to date, and it’s honestly a bonafide banger. ‘BOYSHIT’ is everything in a pop song that you didn’t know you needed so badly as we wrap up the shit show that was 2020. 

With her debut album ‘Life Support’ slated for a February 26 release and continually gaining momentum with the release of the emotionally charged ‘Selfish’, ‘Baby’ and ‘Stained Glass’, this track delivers a playful side to her artistry which is immediately addictive. The pulsating beat and rhythmic guitar riff immediately draws you in, but what will really impress you is the lyrical delivery. 

Calling out all the boys in her life that stupidly think they’re men, she reminds them that while they may take up a mans physique, they are just boys in the mind, and need to desperately grow up. “I can’t understand ya cause I don’t speak boy, no, I don’t speak, I don’t speak, I don’t speak boyshit” she playfully quips in the chorus. Like, SNAP! And the song even opens up with one of the most relatable lyrics of 2020 that I would like to have tattooed on my forehead; “I’m lettin’ you in, you’re lettin’ me down”, because that is a serious MOOD. 

Madison Beer is ready to capture your whole attention with this song, as she immediately has you grooving to the pulsating beat and singing along proudly to the sassy and empowering lyrics. And in a way, it kind of lyrically feels like the sequel to ‘Dead’ with the same tongue n cheek attitude.