2020 has seen FLETCHER delivering a whole catalogue of new music with the release of the tropical pop banger ‘Forever’, right through to her vulnerable and captivating EP ’The S(ex) Tapes’, and the recently released remix of ‘Bitter’ with Trevor Daniel. But 2020 isn’t over quite yet, and she has one final song to soundtrack you sassily walking away from the traumatising year that was.

‘Last Laugh’ is the lead single from the ‘Promising Young Woman’ soundtrack, and it perfectly captures the adrenaline and empowering sentiment that the trailer and synopsis immediately gives you. There is a high energy which is uplifted by the pulsating beat that drives the verses and the dark and gritty synth distorted chorus. 

But as you dig deeper and peel back the layers there is a heavier exploration of the mistreatment of women from men that misuse power, status and strength. Reclaiming her own power, FLETCHER uses this song to get her own revenge, and watch men squirm as they start to realise their time has come. 

“My revenge is sweeter than honey, lick it off with your mouth. Never thought your jokes were that funny, but ain’t it funny how I’ma have the last laugh” she sassily quips before delivering “Heard you get nervous whenever I’m mentioned. So if you’re scared, then go find you a priest, go find a confession”. There is so many solid gold lyrical moments throughout this song that really serves as a “times up” soundtrack in itself.

‘Last Laugh’ is an immediately catchy track that serves perfectly as the lead single from the ‘Promising Young Woman’ soundtrack. And to be honest, it was about time that FLETCHER got her cinematic musical moment, and what a moment it is!