SINGLE REVIEW: Amy Shark – All The Lies About Me

“You’re making up shit and you know it. Picking up my heart just to throw it. And I start to believe all the lies, about me” Amy Shark honestly sings during one of the most tense moments in her emotionally charged new single. 

‘All The Lies About Me’ is the Gold Coast singer-songwriter’s third single taken from her highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Cry Forever’ which will finally be released on 30 April 2021. It’s a song that reflects on toxicity, and the impact it has on the person on the receiving end of the emotional abuse. With someone spreading vicious rumours and untrue statements about her, she starts to believe what is being said about her because of her own personal insecurities. It’s something that a lot of people will be able to relate to, especially in the wake of a break-up as you begin to think about all the reasons why you’ve broken up, and how you are a direct result of that.  

‘All The Lies About Me’ is Amy Shark’s strongest single yet from the forthcoming record, and hears her in a very candid and honest light. Sonically it reminds me of some of the most somber moments on her debut album ‘Love Monster’ like ‘You Think I Think I Sound Like God’ and ‘The Slow Song’, which were also coincidentally the most special moments on that release. But this song dives deeper, and gets even more emotive within her vocal delivery and songwriting.  

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