SINGLE REVIEW: WENS – love blind

A heartbreak song is always going to hit deeply. When you mix the right balance of lyrical and sonical vulnerability, magic is born, and no matter where you’re at personally in your life you will be able to find a way to connect. Los Angeles singer-songwriter WENS is no stranger to finding that right contrast through music, and her new single ‘love blind’ is another beautiful exploration of her vulnerability and understanding of emotions. 

Stripping the production right back, this song gradually builds in the most cinematic and minimalist way possible. With a similar sonical vision to Gracie Abrams’ debut EP and Lorde’s ‘Liability’, it feels like the soundtrack to your most melodramatic moments of silent reflection. With keys and atmospheric synths guiding the production, it doesn’t overpower the heavy emotions that are the true centrepiece. 

Reflecting on falling in love, she describes the intoxicating emotions that takeover in that moment, which then impacts the numbness that follows with the first heartbreak. Realising that she lost herself in the relationship, she takes a moment to reflect on when and why it happened that way. “All I know is that I’m changing as we speak. Yeah, all I know is that I’ll never be who you want me to be” she sings during the pre chorus before confessing “And I don’t wanna feel like all we do is fight. I wish that we could rewind to back when we were love blind”. 

‘love blind’ is one of WENS’ strongest releases yet, as it hears her stripping everything back to the bare essentials and showcasing why she is someone that has always been able to successfully tug on our heartstrings through her storytelling.