SINGLE REVIEW: Claud – Soft Spot

2020 has been the landscape of some very exciting announcements for Claud. Following their signing to Phoebe Bridgers’ label Saddest Oceans in October, the LA based singer-songwriter has just announced that their debut album ‘Super Monster’ will be finally released on February 12. To coincide with this announcement, they’ve also dropped the vulnerable single ‘Soft Spot’ which joins the previously released ‘Gold’. 

This song is a gut-wrencher in every possible aspect. From the light and gradual growing production, to the emotive lyrics, they have you captivated from start to finish. But it’s also mainly because I can relate 100% to the sentiment of wanting someone that you know you can’t have, and how it doesn’t make sense even in the moment. You can share all of these moments in time with someone that are so beautiful and vulnerable, and then you can share some heartbreaking moments with them too which cements that it’s over forever. But there’s a piece of you that still longs for them, and wants them in your life, and you secretly hope you will run into them so you can just see them and have an excuse to talk to them. And that’s what this song explores. 

“I know we don’t talk right now, but if I saw you I’d sit down and ask about your afternoon. You made it clear that it’s over now, but you’re all that I think about. So now I don’t know what the hell to do” they sing during the first verse. 

The dreamy and gradual production alt-pop floats you through the 3 minute duration and has you daydreaming of the moment that you secretly wish for with an ex, or someone that is no longer in your life but you wish was.