SINGLE REVIEW: Sarah Saint James – DBE

2020 has been an exciting and breakthrough year for Sarah Saint James. With the release of her bold hyper-pop tracks ‘outta this world (f*ckboys from space) and ‘BIG BOY,’ to the Paces collaboration ‘Back Around’, the independent singer-songwriter has cemented herself as one of Australia’s most exciting rising popstars. Adding extra fuel to back-up that statement, her new single ‘DBE’ is her strongest release yet and one that you’re not going to be able to get out of your head. 

Co-written with Canadian favourite Cate, this track is an ode to the dumb bitch energy that is inside of all of us. From running back to an ex and allowing toxicity to seep back into our lives so easily, to the embarrassing shit she does on a daily, she embraces these qualities and turns it into a huge anthem. “I can’t help myself, I gotta have my fix. I pick the broken ones, try to mend them piece by piece” she confesses before further proclaiming; “Gotta love that side of myself. Real good at raising some hell, god damn I do it so well. And when they ask what’s wrong with me, I tell them it’s a dumb bitch energy”. 

Following in the footsteps of ‘BIG BOY’, the production further explores the hyper-pop genre with big industrial DIY elements intertwined with the glitchy synths, polished hooks, and auto-tuned vocals. There really is no other song out like it right now, and that’s why it will immediately standout and make you pay attention to it. 

‘DBE’ is a celebration in its own right, and you will be hooked from the very first listen. It also hears her really honing her sound and vision as an artist, and laying the foundations for this bold exploration of what pop means to her.