SINGLE REVIEW: Eluera – Guts

Earlier this year Eluera gave us the addictive ‘Moderation’ which was injected with some strong Dua Lipa and FLETCHER vibes, as well as the alt-pop stylings of ‘Good Girl’ which hinted at the pop takeover she had in mind for 2020. Tieing up the trio of singles for the year, she’s just dropped one of her boldest releases yet. 

‘Guts’ is a song that’s intended for multiple listens with every listen burning into your brain further and further with its rhythmic beat, smooth vocals and catchy hook. Sonically heading down a DIY pop route similar to Eves Karydas, Dagny and Astrid S, she breezes through the song with a subtle confidence in her delivery. But while there is an immediate catchiness and likability to it, it does need a few listens to really make its permanent impact on you. And what really helps make that impact is the lyrics. 

Reflecting on the realisation she had that her ex boyfriend wanted to break-up with her but was too scared to do it, she gives him a playful encouragement to get it over and done with. “You don’t have the guts. Don’t have it in your bones. So spit it out, on the ground” she quips during the hook. 

The hook has this slight seductive and taunting energy to it which adds to the playful concept, and with every listen you will get sassier with the way you singalong to it. To compliment the vibe, the production is very light and helps make it the perfect summer break-up anthem that you didn’t know you needed so badly.