SINGLE REVIEW: Carla Wehbe – Somebody Loves You

With her debut EP ‘Half Past Nine’ out next Friday, Carla Wehbe has given listeners one final preview of what’s to come with the anthemic ‘Somebody Loves You’. 

An ode to being in love with someone who is already in a relationship with someone else, this song has a very cinematic and visual core at the heart of it. “I don’t know how to tell you, or if I should, cause somebody loves you already. I just hope she treats you good, cause god knows I would” she honestly sings during the pulsating hook. It’s a very specific concept that I can sadly relate to way too much. But I honestly feel like most people could release to this song because as human beings we naturally want the things we can’t have. 

The production begins very light during the first verse as she candidly admits her conflicting feelings before oozing into this pulsating synth hook that simultaneously feels quite gritty but polished. It’s rhythmically captivating and adds a dominant texture without dramatically shifting the energy.

It’s the type of song that you could imagine soundtracking a blockbuster rom-com starring Dakota Johnson, and to be honest that is the highest form of flattery.