SINGLE REVIEW: Nicole Millar – Boring

Over the past year Nicole Millar has asked us for some favours, told us that we should go to therapy, and confessed that everything she does is for us. Talk about whiplash! But these addictive stream of singles has heard the Sydney based singer-songwriter stepping into a darker and moodier indie-pop sonic that her early ‘Tremble’ EP experimented with. And now with the release of her new single ‘Boring’ she’s injected a slight bouncy rhythmic flow to lighten the mood, and give you something that feels super addictive and hypnotic. 

Exploring the idea of just being bored by everything in her life, she’s searched for new thrills in different places to try to fill the void that’s growing in her soul. It’s something that we can all relate to especially in current times with the lockdown spanning for the full year. We are all a little bored, and this hook will have you relating hard. “Life is boring without you in it. It’s boring, it’s boring, and all I wanna do is take you home until the morning” she addictively sings during the chorus. 

The production steers towards this PC-pop meets tropical trap sound that feels quite reminiscent to some of the recent DIY material that Charli XCX has been spinning out, which is convenient as they worked on ‘5 In The Morning’ with her. It has this natural groove embedded through the melody which helps make the song so ridiculously catchy. 

‘Boring’ is an infectious and hypnotic single that turns up the heat sonically compared to her recent singles, and gives you something that you’re going to want to dance and singalong to ASAP at a live show.