SINGLE REVIEW: George Alice – Teenager

George Alice is an Adelaide singer-songwriter who has been excitingly introducing herself to listeners through the early captivating moments of ‘Circles’ and ‘Stuck In A Bubble’. With a growing fanbase eagerly joining her during the beginnings of this journey, she’s already had an inclusion on triple j’s Hottest 100, and something tells me it won’t be her last. 

Her new single ‘Teenager’ is an anthem in its own right that captures the youthful ups and downs that we all experience in our lives. From being told that we have to exist in-between the already determined dotted lines, to having people constantly weigh in on every decision we make and thought we have, she just questions if she can just be a teenager and live in the moment. 

“Put my best behaviour on like a costume that you love. You tell me who to be, but I’ll never learn a thing. I’ll write it down on paper. I’m just a fucking teenager” she sings during the singalong ready hook. 

Stripping the production back, she gives you a doo-woop inspired, and an old school pop injected sound that is led by a slow-dance influenced guitar riff. It is sonically a little bit left-field for her compared to her previous two singles, but it’s still got her raw honesty in tact within its foundations. The song stays in the same gear for most of the duration, but it fits the aesthetic of the “catchy my breath” moment it hones. 

After recently attending the opening night of her ‘Schools Out Tour’, ‘Teenager’ immediately stood out as a strong moment that embodied who she is as an artist, and the vision she has for her growing trajectory. But this song isn’t the only future hit waiting in the wings for George Alice’ as a string of epic songs including ‘Bandaid’, ‘Heartless’ and Fly’ wait patiently for their moment to shine. George Alice is honestly the real deal, and if you’re not already convinced then you will be soon.