SINGLE REVIEW: Miley Cyrus feat. Dua Lipa – Prisoner

Miley Cyrus is delivering pure nostalgia as she heads into this next era of her career. With her seventh studio album ‘Plastic Hearts’ out on November 27, she’s giving listeners one final taste of what’s to come with one of the most anticipated collaborations of 2020. 

‘Prisoner’ hears her teaming up with Dua Lipa for what is being nicknamed as a disco-punk anthem, and it doesn’t disappoint. Following in the footsteps of ‘Midnight Sky’ Cyrus aesthetically delivers the introductory layers for what could become one of the best album’s of the year. Layered with slick synths, a groovy baseline and an addictive mix, the song finds the perfect blend of future pop and nostalgic punk with a hook that grows on you with every listen. 

Exploring the complexities of a toxic relationship, the two powerhouses detailed an abusive and controlling relationship where the other person manipulates them to say which is where the parallel of being a “prisoner” comes into play. “You keep making it harder to stay, But I still can’t run away. I gotta know why can’t you, why can’t you just let me go?” Cyrus questions during the pre-chorus. 

While the subject matter is quite dark and emotional, there is an infectious rhythm that drives the production which makes it feel almost euphoric sonically. And that is honestly the power of pop music. And don’t even get me started on how brilliant this pairing was, because it was honestly a match made in heaven.